Alexis Carene In Heart's Song Playboy Plus (25)

Alexis Carene in Heart’s Song – Playboy Plus

“The art of the muse is being able to mold oneself,” says Alexis Carene, “I have always found that to be the most fascinating part of my job as a model.” On location in Marin County, California, with the photographer, Sophia Sinclair, Alexis makes her Playboy Muse debut. “I love shooting anything sexy with an all-women team — it really allows for me to feel free and beautiful,” she says of her time on set. “I have always felt like posing nude was an act of owning myself and my body. I am proud of the art that we produced!” Passionate about art in its various forms, we felt this set was perfect for Alexis. “I am a major nerd,” she laughs. “There is something about learning that my spirit never grows tired of.” Learn more about Alexis Carene, right here on Playboy Plus!

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