Alexis Carene In Breathe Easy Playboy Plus (34)

Alexis Carene in Breathe Easy – Playboy Plus

Basking in the morning light on location in Marin County, California, is Newcomer, Alexis Carene. On set with the photographer, Sophia Sinclair, Alexis tells us about herself, her work, views on posing nude, and much more. “I’m really open about my life and open to experiences,” she says. “I am terrible at small talk, but will tell you [my] darkest secret if we end up having a heart to heart the first time we meet — authenticity is key for me.” A self-proclaimed nerd, Alexis is always looking to grow and find beauty in her surroundings. “There is something about learning that my spirit never grows tired of. I love to read and argue about philosophy,” she laughs. “I feel like my special talent is adaptation. The art of the muse is being able to mold one’s self — I have always found that to be the most fascinating part of my job as a model.” As for posing nude, Alexis had a great time on set. “I love shooting anything sexy with an all-women team — it allows me to feel free and beautiful,” she says thoughtfully. “I have always felt like posing nude was an act of owning myself and my body. I also love the photos Playboy chose. I feel like they had my best interest in mind and took my voice into consideration.” Want to see more of Alexis? Stay tuned, right here on!

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