Amy Green, Emma Glover, Kara, Paige Phillips, Sammi Tye (1)

Across the Pond – Playboy Plus

23 November 2020

Models: Amy Green, Emma Glover, Kara, Paige Phillips, Sammi Tye

In this week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video, we’re bringing together some of our most popular models who call England home. Get to know Kara, Amy Green, Paige Phillips, Sammi Tye, and Emma Glover. “I grew up on a little island in the Thames Estuary, just outside of London,” says Emma. “It was a lovely place to live — surrounded by water, with dogs, horses, and fresh air, but just thirty minutes from the city.” We first met Emma back in 2014. “I went to LA for a casting and a party at the Playboy Mansion,” she says. “I thought that would be it, so when I was approached, I leaped at the opportunity!” For Emma, posing nude was on her bucket list. “I never say never, and I’m not afraid to take risks!” You’ll also meet Sammi in this feature. “I’m from Reading,” says Sammi. “If you’ve never been, it’s very leafy, green, and typically English,” she says. For Sammi, Playboy has always been a career goal. “I loved every minute of the shoot, and I can’t wait to do it again.” Get to know the rest of the models from across the pond, right here on Playboy Plus.

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