Xconfessions By Erika Lust, 1953

XConfessions by Erika Lust, 1953

3 June 2021

Director: Julia Schönstädt

Performers: Viktoria Vaar, Reed

Markets, railways, pubs and Piccadilly Circus

People, particularly men, expect me to be a certain way. My ultra-feminine sensuality makes them want to fuck me and protect me, own me, suffocate me. They’re so predictable. It’s become too easy. All it takes is a lick of my lips and a flick of my hips and they’re mine.

I fantasise that I’m an expert seductress, a hunter prowling the old pubs of London. Bored and untouchable. I’ve had all the men, played all their games, better. Then one night I meet a woman, different to anyone I’ve met before. An elusive artist with penetrating eyes, she undoes me completely. The lines of our masculine and feminine blur and this excites me. We dance in dimly lit rooms, heavy with smoke. She undresses me, paints me, fucks me. She makes me come harder than I ever have. And she never promises to protect me.— By Rude_Baby

Erika’s comment: “The Sixties are remembered as a time of sexual awakening and liberation. But only a few years before in Britain, loving the wrong person could make you a criminal. 1953 is a romantic vintage movie about a love story between two Londoners. Director Julia Schoenstadt’s second XConfessions short is not just visually breathtaking and has a captivating narrative, it also pays great hommage to all the brave queer women whose beautiful love stories never got the recognition they deserved. I love this film’s nostalgic flair and super romantic sex scene. I can’t wait to see more from Julia and The Sugar Town Girls!

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