Xconfessions By Erika Lust, An Illicit Affair

XConfessions by Erika Lust, An Illicit Affair

2 October 2020

Director Goodyn Green

Performers Bishop Black, Jasko Fide
The story of a secret affair. Two ex-lovers surrender to forbidden lust.

I have a confession that I haven’t told anyone.

It’s about me and my ex lover. We were together a long time ago. Then we fell apart and both ended up married to other people.

One day we saw each other across the room at an event. When I saw him my heart stood still. His mouth. His eyes. I yearned for him. We stared at each other for too long.

The affair has been happening for years now. We have a deep connection that can’t be broken. But it’s more than that. It’s our fantasies, our sexual desires. Neither of us can play out the things we enjoy with our partners, but between us there is a freedom, a liberation, an expression of passion and desire.

My heart races knowing the next time we will meet. The guilt is weighing on me but I imagine a future where we can be honest about what we are doing to our partners and experience a more open kind of love. Until that point, I can’t stop. — By Imani

Erika’s comment
“Goodyn Green is back as a Guest Director and I couldn’t be happier! In this film she’s beautifully shot the passion between two ex-lovers who have surrendered to the eroticism of forbidden lust. Bishop & Jasko are perfect together in this film and show us that some flames never die.”

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