Wednesday January 30, 2019 | Naked News Program


    Hey everyone, welcome to the triumphant return of Laura Desiree hosting Naked News! That’s one reason for you to be happy. And if you live in Baltimore, here’s another: the city’s getting much cooler about weed! Marina has that story right now in a Naked News Bulletin.

    Laura, people will no longer be prosecuted for possessing pot in the city of Baltimore! On top of that, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has asked the courts to vacate nearly FIVE THOUSAND possession convictions! In making the announcement, Mosby said “When I ask myself ‘Is the enforcement and prosecution of marijuana possession making us safer as a city?’, the answer is emphatically ‘no.’” I couldn’t agree more… plus this feels like a bonus episode of The Wire!

    El Chapo’s actions as a drug lord are indefensible… and it looks like his lawyers might agree! Following a prosecution that lasted eleven weeks, the defense made its entire case on Tuesday in HALF AN HOUR! One witness was called, one document was entered into evidence… and that was it! Of course, that total doesn’t include their cross-examinations and closing arguments. But still, if I was El Chapo, looking at a life sentence, I’d be feeling El Crapo!

    Everyone desperately wants the cure for cancer, and if one team of Israeli scientists is to be believed, it’s close! Dan Aridor of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Limited recently told the Jerusalem Post his company will have “a complete cure for cancer” in a year’s time! He also said its multi-target toxin cure will take mere weeks, cost less than most other treatments, and will have minimal or no side-effects. Mind you Laura, it’s not even at human trials yet, but certainly something to keep an eye on!

    Okay, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket… but I’ll put one egg! See you later Marina! Drinking beer, eating food, and hopefully winning bets. Is there anything better than the Super Bowl? With all the details on what to expect for the big game, here’s Frankie!

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