WANDERLUST #vanlifediaries – XConfessions by Erika Lust

    2019 | 00:23:47

    Director Michelle Flynn

    Performers Oli and Verde

    When the caravan is rocking, don’t come knocking.

    My partner and I are currently touring around Australia in our camper van. There are two things that we love the most about our life right now: travelling to beautiful places and fucking in our van at every chance we get! Some of my most ecstatic sexual experiences have been in the back of this van. We can stay there for hours and completely lose track of time. It’s our own little haven protecting us from the rest of the world. Plus, we can have sex wherever we want! By the beach, on a cliff, in the forest… I wouldn’t give this little travelling sex den up for anything.

    You can get a glimpse of our sexy adventures on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oliandv/
    — By Verde & Oliver
    Erika’s comment: “Our first film from Australia!! Director Michelle Flynn has been kicking field goals in porn for years, so I was beyond excited when she agreed to direct a movie for XConfessions. Wanderlust is a beautifully shot, feel-good-movie with a certain amateur flair. You’ll feel more like you’re watching somebody’s private holiday video than an actual porn. I hope you enjoy this very personal and special XConfessions film.

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