Viv Thomas – Liv Revamped & Renata Fox – Reflections Episode 2 – Rewarding

    Sexy Liv Revamped is distracted from her chores by cute Renata Fox, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic series “Reflections” begins. She’s polishing the mirror when her girlfriend comes up behind her, pulling her into a passionate kiss. They are soon both topless, sucking each other’s stiffening nipples, mutual desire growing…

    Liv pulls down Renata’s shorts and nuzzles her pussy through her cotton panties, then tugs the fabric aside and licks the sweet redhead’s shaved pussy. Renata gasps and caresses her beautiful breasts as Liv eats her skilfully; overcome with pleasure, she lies on the floor as her lover drives her to orgasm. Liv stands, moaning softly as Renata laps at her hot pussy with its neat jet-black bush, pinching her dark nipples as the sensations flood her body. She turns around, leaning against the mirror as Renata finger-bangs her to a climax, their lust reflected.

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