Cover Spark Erotic Simmer

Simmer – PinkLabel.TV

23 July 2021

Studio: Spark Erotic
Directed by Urvashi
Starring: James, Taara Rose

An erotic film about wonderfully interrupted dinner plans.

Food shares much with erotica. The tastes, textures, sounds, smells are all part of the wonderful experience. But, dinner can wait when the erotic takes precedence.

In a well equipped and classy kitchen, JAMES, prepares dinner while sultry music plays. He turns his attention to the preparation of dinner for his lover.

TAARA ROSE, an attractive blonde professional, enters placing her briefcase and coat in the hallway as she approaches the kitchen greeted by the sights and smells of James’ dinner preparation. James lights up when he sees Taara Rose and they embrace.

They share a little about their days and it’s obvious they are happier to be with each other now. She acknowledges the care that he has taken in preparing dinner and is obviously touched by his efforts.

As the eroticism flows between them, Taara playfully bites James on the shoulder and a mock fight ensues with a wooden spoon spanking, a spray from the kitchen sink and a handful of strawberries down the blouse. Taara tops it all when she grabs a handful of butter and smears it on James’ chest. As the play continues it moves into passionate sexuality on the kitchen island and the now messy floor.

On the floor and finishing spectacularly, they relax and enjoy the afterglow of their intimacy. Tara tells James she’s hungry and he responds in a last act of play by covering her with the salad on the menu. As the scene fades to black we are left appreciating their experience and wanting our own dinner play…

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