Cover Dreams Of Spanking Saddle Sauce

Saddle Sauce – PinkLabel.TV

21 July 2021

Studio: Dreams of Spanking
Starring: David Oak, Pandora Blake

During a moment’s rest, Victorian strumpet Pandora confides in you about a groom she’s befriended, and shares her interest in equestrian pleasures. She’s always thought it would be erotic to straddle a leather saddle, as a broad, strong beast moves between her thighs. And she’s always been curious about how it might feel to be whipped with a riding crop…

While Pandora is engaged in lascivious behaviour with a leather saddle, her employer Mr Oak enters and seizes the opportunity to take her task for her lustful indiscretions. She’s snarky and sassy as they trade quips – but ultimately she submits to his discipline, and moans and wriggles as he applies the riding crop to her breasts and thighs.

Mr Oak leaves our saucy strumpet to give his saddle a good polishing. Without any beeswax to hand, she finds an alternative fluid to use and gives it a good rub all over. David is not impressed at first, but then warms to Pandora’s cheeky proposal of a factory of fillies, all juicing up saddles to produce a new quality of leather oil. The patent awaits!

With riding crop in hand, he teaches Pandora the proper way to care for his equipment. Bending her over in a truly compromising position, he exposes the perfect bottom beneath her voluminous skirts. If Pandora thinks the hand spanks he applies to her curvy cheeks are hard, wait till she feels the whipping he has in store for the naughtiest filly in his stable.

This was originally released as a trilogy and has been combined into a single film special for PinkLabel.TV. The luscious Victorian-style outfits are straight out of Pandora’s spanking fantasies, and the comfort and friendship between her and her co-performer David Oak is palpable as they walk the line of this edgy fantasy in their roles of pervy employer and bawdy wench.

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