Playboy Plus: Sofi Ka in Endless Love

    Relax with the one and only, Sofi Ka. Enjoying a quiet day inside, this charming International model is effortlessly beautiful as the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer snaps away at his camera. “Producing in Cape Town was just great,” says Sofi. “We had wonderful locations, a great guide, and a professional team. It [was] one of my best shooting trips ever!” When it comes to posing for Playboy, Sofi has wanted to model for the brand since she was a teen. “Around 15,” she says. “It was my dream! I am very thankful I could [do] a beautiful job like this.” Undressing with such ease, Sofi shows off her lovely figure. “What I love most about my body [is that] I am petite,” she gushes. Don’t miss out on more from Sofi, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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