Playboy Plus: Megan Blake in Delicate Attraction

    It’s a lovely morning with the beautiful, Megan Blake. Making her debut in this gorgeous pictorial as a Playboy Muse, Megan is confident and stunning for Cassandra Keyes’ camera. On location in sunny Mexico, Megan welcomes a new day as she hangs up some delicates in her backyard. Dressed in all white, she gazes deeply into the camera as she begins to undress. “My experience with Playboy has been extremely empowering. I feel like I have grown not just as a model, but as a woman as well,” she says. “It has been incredible having the opportunity to be around so many people who are inspired by a woman’s body and have the desire and talent to showcase every woman’s uniqueness and beauty. It has truly been an experience I will never forget!” Eager to see more of the remarkable, Megan Blake? Make sure to check back soon for more pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!

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