Playboy Plus: Lena Klahr in Playboy Germany

    Looking gorgeous at the seashore is the lovely, International Playmate, Lena Klahr. On set with the photographer, Thomas Fiedler, Lena looks effortlessly beautiful as the wind blows through her long brown hair, and the sun kisses her skin just beautifully. Ready for a beach day to remember, Lena undresses with ease in front of our cameras and the results are breathtaking. See for yourself, right here, now on Playboy Plus!

    Lena Klahr is a striking woman from Brunswick, Germany. A well-known model throughout Europe, you may recognize this gorgeous brunette from her most recent spread as Miss August 2019 for Playboy Germany. When she’s not modeling, you can still find this go-getter working. “I work at Volkswagen, although I’m not a big car fan,” she tells us. “My job is the team spokesperson in production. I run around so much that I’m completely exhausted in the evening. The work is my fitness program,” she laughs. During her downtime, you can usually find the lovely, Lena traveling, eating great food, or planning out her next tattoo or Halloween costume. “I’m a big Halloween fan,” she tells us. “I love to dress up!” Want to learn more about Lena? Make sure to check out her beautiful spread as a Playmate in Playboy Germany, right here on Playboy Plus!

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