Playboy Plus: Kit Rysha in Natural Allure

    Kit Rysha is effortlessly breathtaking in this second pictorial under her reign as Playboy Muse of the Month for August. Completely natural, Kit is nude in front of the photographer, David Merenyi’s camera. Swaying her hips to the music with a large leaf, she will mesmerize you in no time. “I’m half Filipina, half Italian,” she tells us of her heritage. “I was born in the Philippines, and then at 8 years old, I [moved] to Thailand. At 13, I [moved] to Italy and that’s when my life completely changed,” she says. “My life is always changing and I think that is what makes me grow.” A highly successful model, Kit has been featured in International Playboy three times, GQ, Insomnia Magazine and more. When she’s not modeling, you can usually find the gorgeous Kit traveling, listening to music, or drawing and painting. “My special talent is that I’m good at drawing and making art,” she says. Want to learn more about Kit? Stay tuned for her third pictorial, right here on Playboy Plus!

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