Playboy Plus: Juniper Hope in Sunlit Luxury

    The time has come for the beautiful, Juniper Hope to make her debut as a Playboy Muse. Looking ravishing on set with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes capturing her, Juniper is dressed elegantly in white fur and lingerie. With her sultry nature, Juniper is thrilled to be posing right here for all her Playboy Plus followers. “Playboy has been awesome,” she gushes. “The sets and wardrobe are beautiful and fun.” When it comes to modeling nude, Juniper finds it lovely, artistic, and hard work. “I enjoy posing nude because it’s honestly challenging,” she says. “There are no clothes to flatter you or to use as a prop. All you have is your human form and the element of shape to create an interesting composition.” Putting her talents in motion, Juniper undresses and shows off her best poses for the camera, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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