Playboy Plus: Elina Love in Desert Vision

    Elina Love is radiant in this stunning outdoor pictorial from the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Dressed in a flowing red dress, Elina captivates all her Playboy Plus fans. “I really love photo shoots,” she tells us with a bright smile. “I’m a very emotional person, and I like to show different emotions to the camera.” Doing just that, she begins to undress as the wind blows through her dress and long, red hair. “I’ve dreamed about this since childhood,” she says of modeling for Playboy. “I think my body loves me. I don’t need to do a lot to have a nice form.” When it comes to the bedroom, Elina likes to feel loved. “The most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom? He must show me his attention,” she says. “My best piece of sex advice for both men and women? Don’t forget about yourself.” See more of the charming Elina, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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