Playboy Plus: Ana Foxxx in Supernova

    Feel the funk with the beautiful, Ana Foxxx as she makes her debut as a Playboy Muse with this fun and sexy pictorial. On location in Los Angeles with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes capturing her free spirit, Ana shows all her Playboy Plus fans her playful nature. “I’m a goofy goober,” she says of herself. “I live for dancing around and singing!” Always a shining light, Ana is all smiles as she dances her way to being nude. “What do I love most about my body? My skin,” she says. “I enjoy taking care of it. It’s the thing that makes me unique!” When it comes to posing nude for Playboy, Ana is completely comfortable. “Everyone I meet each day [is] the sweetest and it [has] made my time with Playboy very easy,” she says. “I feel most comfortable nude. I love and understand my body, so I love showing it off,” she says. Loving this set? Stay tuned for more pictorials of Ana Foxxx, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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