Sparkerotic Merger Boxart – MERGER

28 July 2021

Studio: Spark Erotic
Directed by Urvashi
Starring: Angel, Heidi Cruz

An erotic film about business.

The excitement and tension of business deals can inspire the participants to engage in other, more physical ways. The merging of two companies is reflected in the passionate sexuality of their Chief Executives. MS. CRUZ, the CEO of her company is assembled in an impressive boardroom with her staff awaiting the arrival of MR. BENEDICT, the CEO of the participating company. After being greeted by Ms. Cruz’s secretary and led into the boardroom, Mr. Benedict’s team sits and the meeting is called to order to pursue the merger of the two companies. As the business dealings proceed, Ms. Cruz falls into reverie regarding Mr. Benedict. She focuses on the details of him and envisions them together sexually. The reality of the boardroom begins to slip away as the fantasy takes center stage in Ms. Cruz’s thoughts. Between flashes of the official boardroom and its proceedings, the sexuality between the CEOs becomes the merger we are more interested in. Two powerful business leaders share dominance in the bedroom while their subordinates work out the details of the business at hand. When their sexual experience is concluded, Ms. Cruz is jarred back into present reality by a loud voice seeking her attention as all of the participants stare from around the table. With the meeting concluded, Ms. Cruz and Mr. Benedict share a moment alone and we are left to decide ourselves whether their time together was merely a fantasy or an earlier meeting on their own terms.

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