Urban Smut Fluchtpunkt Cover 1 360x480

Pinklabel.tv – Fluchtpunkt

17 July 2021

Studio: Urban Smut
Directed by Candy Flip
Starring: Maki, Theo Meow, Tyga

This short film follows three people in a sweltering Berlin. Theo roams the city aimlessly. His gaze catches on Maki, a sunny boy who seems not averse to a quick flirt. Tyga however is about to take Maki to her bed and Theo knows that there is more lust in the desire than in its fulfillment.

Director’s Statement

“The anfractuous paths of human desire have been fascinating to me a long time. Do we really want, what we want? Why do so many people feel more desire in the yearning and anticipation than in the actual act of experiencing their fantasies? Do we want to suffer? If so, how? Which power dynamics mold our often contradictory desires and identities? I’ve performed in a lot of Porn, but for the longest time I’ve been reluctant to directing them myself. There’s so many open questions and sore spots – how can I ignore those and only make a cute film with insanely sensual looking sex? I tried to draw the questions and contradictions into the film: a sweet story, a beautifully performed sex scene, but with a dash of salt: the protagonist stays alone with his desire, just like the audience. Some viewers have said that this film ruined their mood. But that’s okay. Say hello to Sad Porn!” – Candy Flip

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