Crashpadseries Episode 262 Tina Horn Erykah Ohms 01 – CrashPadSeries Episode 262: Erykah Ohms and Tina Horn

26 July 2021

Studio: CrashPadSeries
Directed by Shine Louise Houston
Starring: Erykah Ohms, Tina Horn

Tina Horn fills Erykah Ohms up

“An ohm is a measure of electrical resistance, but Erykah Ohms is highly receptive. After Tina Horn pumps Erykah up with an inflatable toy, she slides an exceptionally long plug up their butt. Limits are explored and Erykah takes Tina’s hand until they’re the fullest they’ve ever felt. Ohms is riding high, but the energy is flowing smooth.” — Keymaster

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