Crashpadseries Episode 071 Asteroid And Peyton CrashPadSeries Episode 071: Asteroid and Peyton

23 July 2021

Studio: CrashPadSeries
Starring: Asteroid, Peyton

Asteroid and Peyton use and abuse each other in delightful ways, spanking, fucking and slapping in turns. Pop quiz! What’s the difference between a meteor and an Asteroid? One’s entered Earth’s atmosphere, while the other is out of this world. – Keymaster

“As a def person I really want to show with an interpreter what that looks like, and it’s good for people to see, and maybe good for my community as well. There are def queers out there and models tend to be a specific body type and all that. I like the work that’s done here as it’s raw and real. So that’s why I did it, and I enjoyed it.” – Asteroid

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