Naked News – Wednesday July 17, 2019


    Hey, everyone, I’m Tia Larose, and this is Naked News! If you’re someone who thinks Facebook is too big, you’ll be scared to know it wants to be bigger. Luckily, it’s meeting some resistance. Alana’s got that and more, right now in the Naked Newsroom.

    Facebook is still planning to create its own virtual currency, but the Senate Banking Committee has some serious doubts. In hearings about the proposed Libra cryptocurrency, senators from both parties were critical of the project, noting Facebook’s frequent privacy violations. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio even called Facebook “dangerous”, saying it’s shown “through scandal after scandal that it doesn’t deserve our trust.” Chances are it’ll still go ahead, but ironically, Facebook’s going to need some friends!

    World hunger is still on the rise. According to a UN report, an estimated EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION people had insufficient food last year. This is the third straight year that number has gone up, with most of the malnutrition experienced in Africa and Asia. It’s also worth noting that in every continent, the odds of you being food insecure go up if you’re a woman. Long story short: we HAVE to do better!

    Well, THIS is scary! An artificial intelligence system has learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in just over a second, in about half the number of moves it would take a skilled human. Unlike other Rubik’s Cube-playing machines, this system used a neural network that mimics how the human brain works, and it actually figured out how to solve the cube on its own. We’re one step closer to the Matrix, people. Seriously, do scientists NOT watch science fiction? I’ll be back in a bit, so don’t go away!

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