Naked News – Wednesday August 14, 2019


    Hello, everyone, I’m Marina Valmont, and I’m very excited to be co-hosting Naked News today with the exquisite Jasmin Shojai! Well, you’re doing a fantastic job, and our audience loves you! Okay, let’s begin with a question about the environment. As an Australian, would you say people there are environmentally conscious, or is there a lot of resistance? Well, people who want to deny environmental problems have their work cut out for them today!

    Laura’s standing by in the naked newsroom with the details.

    Residents of Newark, New Jersey might be drinking bottled water for awhile. Seems the city-issued water filters aren’t doing enough to reduce elevated levels of lead! Recent testing revealed the lead levels were above what the EPA considers safe, and the move to provide bottled water was the result of an Agency request. Of course, Newark will at some point have to deal with this influx of plastic… but I guess that’s tomorrow’s problem!

    Speaking of plastic waste, that’s what’s raining down on the Rocky Mountains! According to a new study, plastic fibers were found in NINETY PERCENT of rain samples collected in various locations in Colorado, including the peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park. Researchers believe the plastics came from litter, as well as fibers from synthetic clothes, all though they’re stumped on how they got into the atmosphere.

    Paris is also dealing with an environmental crisis… but hopefully one, a bit more short term. The streets around Notre Dame Cathedral had to be shut down for decontamination on Tuesday. This is because the April fire caused lead to be spread throughout the area. Decontamination in the surrounding neighborhoods is being done as well, with water jets containing chemical agents and a lead-absorbing gel. The operation is expected to take about three weeks. So don’t worry, Paris: I shall return! And I shall return with more headlines a little later as well. Don’t go away!

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