Naked News – Tuesday, July 23, 2019

    Ted Danson and Tina Fey have both starred in top-notch comedies for NBC, and now they’re combining forces! The brilliant Ms. Fey will be writing a series starring the silver fox Mr. Danson as a wealthy businessman who unexpectedly gets elected the mayor of L.A. Not surprisingly given the talent involved, the comedy was given a straight-to-series order.

    More good news for people who appreciate TV history: Nash Bridges could be coming back. Nearly two decades after its six season run came to end, a revival is reportedly in the works at USA Network. Most exciting of all, Don Johnson is attached to once again take the lead role. We’ll keep you posted.

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps chugging along, but Agents of SHIELD is calling it quits. It’s been confirmed that the upcoming seventh season will be the show’s last. Probably not too surprising, given its anaemic ratings… but as its official Twitter account pointed out, Agents of SHIELD is the longest-running Marvel TV series to-date.

    We always knew Orange is the New Black was one of Netflix’s biggest hits, but now we’ve got the numbers to prove it. According to the streaming service, 105,000,000 users have watched at least one episode of the series. And yes, that makes it Netflix’s most-watched original series, ever! With the seventh and final season streaming as of this Friday, expect that number to grow!

    But of course, Friday is ages away, so here’s something you can watch now: Our Stream This pick of the week.

    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee probably doesn’t need explaining at this point. Jerry Seinfeld’s second sensation series is very well-known, and even if it wasn’t, it’s a very self-explanatory title! But there are still surprises, like the long episode with the fairly reclusive Eddie Murphy… and of course, plenty of laughs!

    It really is a show about nothing… but Seinfeld has had success with that formula before, and it’s still working for him. The eleventh series of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is streaming now on Netflix. I’m Laura Desiree, and that’s what’s happening, Inside the Box.

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