Naked News – Thursday July 18, 2019


    Welcome to Naked News. I’m the current Naked News boxing champ, Laura Desiree!

    And I’m the one who got robbed, Eila Adams.

    Let’s start out by letting everyone know we have a very special guest joining us in the wrap up today.

    Her name is Sweetpea and she’s a world class adult entertainer from Minneapolis!

    She also happens to be a dear friend of mine and I couldn’t be more excited to have her on the show. We’ll introduce you all in a few minutes.

    Right now Alana Blair is standing by in the Naked Newsroom with your first look at the headlines.

    Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index was just released and no surprise here, Amazons Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world. He’s got a net worth of $125 billion. Not sure if that was calculated before or AFTER his divorce. Either way, he’s got more money then god! The CEO of luxury goods maker LVMH, Bernard Arnault, has ascended to the Number 2 spot, with net worth of 108 billion. And poor Bill Gates, he’s been pushed to the #3 spot with a paltry 107 billion.

    Here’s some NOT so good news for Jeff Bezos: Amazon is being investigated in Europe! The European Union is looking into whether Amazon’s use of “sensitive data” from independent retailers gives them an unfair advantage and violates competition rules. Given that Amazon is both a marketplace AND a retailer, there could DEFINITELY be some conflicts. Amazon could face fines of up to TEN PERCENT of its annual global sales.

    And yet ANOTHER billionaire is in the news today, Mr. Elon Musk. He apparently wants to HACK INTO YOUR BRAIN! His company Neuralink is developing a human-brain-to-computer interface. And after success with animals, he’s ready to move on to human trials! Basically, the device records the activity of thousands of neurons, and could be used by people with severe neurological conditions. Of course, Musk being Musk, he also envisions a world where this tech will merge humans with AI to create superintelligence! Yup, can’t see anything going wrong with THAT! Back in a bit!

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