Naked News – News off the Top – Tuesday October 8, 2019

    Shalom, everyone, I’m Eila Adams, and this is Naked News. I want to start with a shout-out to our Jewish fans who are probably mid-fast right now for Yom Kippur… and speaking of ‘fast’, something that always moves fast is the fallout from a controversial tweet. Madison’s got the latest example right now in the Naked Newsroom!

    Eila, an NBA General Manager just ignored a rule pretty much as old as the internet: do NOT mess with China!

    Yeah, it’s never a good idea… especially if you’ve got your bottom line to worry about!

    Well, to be clear, we’re all for freedom of speech… but Daryl Morey arguably spoke a little too freely for some! Here’s the story. When Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey tweeted out an image with the slogan “Fight for Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong”, he tweeted off more than he could chew! His support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong drew a VERY swift rebuke. Chinese state TV and streaming platform Tencent said they won’t show Rockets games… and after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver defended Morey’s right to express himself, China announced it would stop the broadcasting of all NBA preseason games. The tweet has since been deleted… but this story is just getting started!

    You can add Walgreens and Kroger to the list of retailers putting up No Vaping signs. Following such giants as Walmart and Rite Aid, both companies issued statements saying they’re discontinuing the sale of e-cigarettes. Both companies cited the controversy surrounding the products, as well as the evolving regulations. I’m kind of bummed… but silver lining, all my vapes may become collectibles?

    Deepfakes are getting more plentiful and they’re naughty by nature. That’s the word from cybersecurity company Deeptrace, which uncovered roughly FIFTEEN THOUSAND deepfake videos online during the summer. That’s up from around only eight thousand in December! And while we still have to worry about other uses, a full NINETY-SIX percent of the deepfakes discovered were porn! Stay tuned for more Naked News.

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