Naked News – News off the Top Part 2 – Monday, October 7, 2019

    On an entirely different topic, what are your thoughts on the British royals? Do you follow them at all? Well, the royals are one of British media’s HOTTEST topics, and the press sometimes goes pretty far to get scoops.

    Now, one member of the royal family is fighting back! Laura’s in the newsroom with the details.

    Prince Harry is SUING British tabloids The Daily Mirror and The Sun, over allegations they HACKED his voicemail! This is in addition to the Royal’s previous announcement that he and his wife, Meghan Markle, were suing The Mail on Sunday for publishing a private letter. Harry is taking a hard stand against media harassment, which has run what he calls a “ruthless campaign” against his wife. Good for him!

    A dog in the Bahamas has been RESCUED after over three WEEKS trapped in rubble after Hurricane Dorian! Rescuers have been using heat sensors on drones to try to locate survivors – both human and animal – following the massive Category 5 storm. The dog was taken to Florida’s Big Dog Ranch Rescue for treatment. He’s been named Miracle, for good reason.

    And finally, customers at a hair salon in Long Island, New York, got a hell of a surprise over the weekend when a DEER crashed through the front window! The freaked-out buck ran around inside the salon briefly before bolting out the closed door. Bambi is BADASS! Pretty incredible video. One customer was slightly injured in the incident. Those are your headlines, I’m Laura Desiree.

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