Naked News – News off the Top – Monday, October 7, 2019

    Welcome to a fresh new week here at Naked News! I’m Tia Larose!

    And I’m Alana Blaire! Okay, Tia, the warnings against enjoying THC by vaping are getting stronger and stronger. Are any people you know considering giving it up? Well, the FDA is definitely hoping more people quit, and pronto!

    Here’s Laura with the LATEST warning!

    The US Food & Drug Administration has been warning people against using “black market” vapes. But they now have a – no pun intended – blunt message: Do not use vaping products that contain THC. A rash of “lung injury” cases and multiple deaths have got the FDA on alert, and their investigations found that most of the people affected have been vaping THC. So, folks, stick to the old-school stuff, like bongs and edibles!

    Speaking of which: If you’re in Maine, it’s looking like recreational marijuana will soon be available in retail weed stores! The state’s legislature amended their Marijuana Legalization Act, and will now be able to start accepting applications for retail weed sales in the next couple of months. Stores are anticipated to be up and running as soon as March of 2020.

    And proving once again that science can work miracles, a paralyzed man in France was able to WALK using a MIND-CONTROLLED EXOSKELETON suit! The man, known as Thibault, was able to use all four of his limbs, with the help of the suit, that was controlled by two implants surgically placed on his brain. It’s taken two years of training and practice, but it’s a huge step – literally and figuratively – for people with paralysis. Plus, it’s halfway to becoming Iron Man! Very exciting! Don’t go away!

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