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    So if you were to make your way around the world, in some unconventional way, how would you do it? Seeing as how we both have comic book names, I think we need to have an opinion on this: who do you think is the all-time best TV or movie Joker? If we were to have this conversation tomorrow, it might be very different!

    Joker is in theaters, and Laura’s got an early look right now, Naked at the Movies.

    I saw a lot of stars and a lot of movies at the Toronto International Film Festival… but the buzz around Joker was next level. I’m not saying it’s going to do Avengers numbers… it might not even do Hobbs and Shaw numbers! But it’s FOR SURE going to have people talking. To prove this is a big movie, please witness my struggles on the red carpet!

    I won’t pretend that Joaquin Phoenix blow-by didn’t hurt. But if the thrice-Oscar-nominated star seemed a little above it all, well, maybe he is. Though critics have been drastically divided on the movie as a whole, the overwhelming consensus is Joaquin Phoenix gives an outstanding performance. I’m not prepared to say his take on the character is as good as Heath Ledger’s… but there’s definitely serious chops on display!

    The thing that has many calling this a masterpiece also has many calling it dangerous: in this movie, the Joker is a victim who just gets pushed too far. As such, there’s a real fear that the incel and white nationalist communities will adopt him as some kind of hero. But please, I’m begging you to remember: Batman’s the hero! I mean, look how nice HE was to me!

    An origin story with basically no action sequences, just a pure descent into madness, complete with clown makeup. A failed performer who manages to find his way into the spotlight in the worst way possible. I wouldn’t call this a fun time at the theater, I’m not even sure I’d call it a good movie… but people WILL be talking. Joker is in theaters now. I’m Laura Desiree, and I’ll see you next time, Naked at the Movies.

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