Naked News – Monday July 8, 2019


    Hello, everyone, I’m Eila Adams, and welcome to a magical week at Naked News! What’s making it ESPECIALLY magical is my co-host and new best friend, Emily Addison. Welcome to the show! Why don’t you tell our audience a little about what you do? Well, it’s a pleasure to have you here, Emily. We’re going to get to know you a lot better throughout today’s show and the rest of the week. But first, some people we know all too well: the Trumps! Laura’s got her eyes on the First Family right now in the Naked Newsroom!

    Donald Trump always watches the polls, and after about 3 years in office, he FINALLY got some good news. In a Washington Post-ABC News poll, he just received his highest job approval rating of his presidency. 44 percent of people approve of the job he’s doing. Unfortunately that number is below the average approval rating for every president in his lifetime, but hey, it’s SOMETHING! The booming economy is the reason behind the rise.

    In some NOT so good news for The Donald, leaked memos from Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, described the Trump Administration as “dysfunctional” and “diplomatically clumsy and inept.” Sir Kim Darroch also sounded the alarm that Trump could be indebted to “dodgy Russians”, and said reports of ‘vicious infighting and chaos’ inside the White House were “mostly true.” Right or wrong, this diplomat needs to work on his diplomacy!

    And a roughly life-size wooden sculpture of Melania Trump has been unveiled near her hometown in Slovenia. I’m sure she’s quite honored but as you can see, it’s left many people unimpressed. Granted, it’s hard to get fine detail with A CHAINSAW, but the pale blue coat is pure Melania. US artist Brad Downey commissioned the piece from a local sculptor as part of a documentary. He claims that the work is the first monument in the world dedicated to this first lady. Although it’s CUTE, I’m sure she was hoping for something a little more grandiose. Don’t go away.

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