Naked News – Monday August 12, 2019


    Hello, beautiful people, welcome to Naked News. And welcome back to this tall glass of water making me feel SMALL, Ms Amanda Leigh. How are you? Okay, we only have you for such a brief time, let’s get right to the big questions: Social media: fun time for all, or necessary evil? Well, one social media platform people love, hate, and love to hate is Facebook. It’s once again in hot water, and Eila’s got the details for us right now in the Naked Newsroom.

    Facebook could be facing the music over facial recognition! A federal appeals court in San Francisco has said a class action suit over Facebook’s use of facial recognition technology can go ahead. The suit alleges that the social media giant illegally collected biometric data from millions of users. And, as one of the lawyers pointed out, it’s not like a credit card, you can’t change your face! I mean, I know a few people who have… but his point is taken.

    Threesomes can be a lot of fun, but here’s hoping the people on the 3fun app don’t care who knows it! Security service firm Pen Test Partners recently tested the app’s security… and said that it probably had the worst security for any dating app they’ve ever seen. Private information that was easily accessible included dates of birth, chat histories, user pictures, and even real-time locations! The security flaw has apparently been corrected… but not before all of the MILLION AND A HALF users may have been exposed! And not in the good way!

    And more than a million people in India recently planted TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION trees in a single day! It’s all thanks to a government campaign to combat climate change and improve the environment. Combine this with the three hundred and fifty million trees Ethiopia planted a few weeks back, and the planet now has OVER HALF A BILLION new trees. I’ll be back with more headlines later in the show.

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