Naked News – HollywoodXposed – Friday October 4, 2019

    You’re in school at the moment… knowing what you know now , if YOU were to prep an “adulting” curriculum, what would you include? Well, something you can only learn right here at Naked News, is just how hot celebrities look in the buff!

    And we do that with the help of our friends at Mr Skin. Here’s Madison with the latest Tinseltown T&A.

    I’m Madison Banes, and it’s time to get Hollywood Xposed. Frances Conroy is in theaters with Joker, but why laugh when you can get Misty?! In the TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist, I don’t see London, I see Frances, I don’t see her underpantses! Alas, her nudity in Episode 7 is rear-view only, but still, it is not to be MIST!

    Ellen Burstyn can be seen in Lucy in the Sky, but you’ll want to add the diamonds after seeing her in Tropic of Cancer. The movie draws its title from the novel, not the geographic region… but it doesn’t change the fact that Ellen Burstyn fully nude is super-hot year-round.

    Juno Temple stars in Pretenders, but it doesn’t get more real than her nudity in Little Birds. If you’ve visited the Mr. Skin page for the 2012 movie, Juno she gets naked one minute in, and Juno she gets naked again about an hour later. When watching Little Birds, I hope your one in the hand feel like one in the bush!

    Out on 4K Blu-ray is The Shining, and we definitely took a shining to Lia Beldam. Granted, her nude scene takes a turn we’d just as soon forget… but that’s a whole other actress! Lia’s the one who has Jack Nicholson walking like a zombie, presumably because all the blood has left his brain. All play and no work make Jack a lucky boy!

    And finally, the German series Skylines is now streaming on Netflix, but Skylines could easily turn to Guy Lines for a glimpse at Peri Baumeister. Of course, if you want to skip the line, head to Episode 4, and see for yourself the parts of Peri that make the Dairy! For bringing this scene to my attention, I have to say “Danke, Herr Skin!” That’ll do it for your weekly wrap-up of celebrity skin. For Naked news, I’m Madison Banes.

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