Naked News – Closing Remarks – Sunday October 6, 2019

    Time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it! We’re already at the end of today’s show! It’s been such a treat having you back in the studio, Cassaundra. So how was your Naked News experience different this time around? Hope you got that noted everyon! Make sure to stay in touch with Cassaundra as she is truly one to watch! We’ll miss you around here!

    And I’ll miss everyone here too, the entire cast and crew are amazing! Thanks so much for having me!

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    And now, as polished as I tried to be here all week Eila, do you think I’m going to make it into your weekly peek behind the scenes?

    I’d bet my life on it! But that’s only because we love you! Here it is folks, enjoy and take care.

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