Naked News – Closing Remarks – Friday October 4, 2019

    Before we go, Cassaundra, what did you think of Emily’s audition? Does she have what it takes? Now we’d like to know what you think about Emily’s audition. Send your thoughts in to [email protected]

    Eila and I will be back to host this weekend’s Naked News Magazine! We’ve got more from Laura at NudeArt LA and her interview with photographer Justin Piccari!

    And the anchors are giving their best 2-step attempt in a viral video dance that’s trending now on TikTok!

    For all things Naked News, make sure you’re following us on social media! We post content daily to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course Snapchat and our PREMIUM Snapchat where things get a little more personal.

    Speaking of social media, where’s the best place our viewers can find you online? It’s been fun Cassaundra! Come and join us on Sunday. Take care, everyone.

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