Myrsini's arrest | Sirina TV

    Greek Title: “Η σύλληψη της Μυρσίνης | Sirina TV”
    Young Myrsini accidentally catches her boyfriend sending love messages to other women. Disappointed by his infidelity throws herself into drink and wanders with her car on the streets of Athens. Drunk on her way home, she falls into a police roadblock and she is being pulled over for an alcohol test. Under the threat of imprisonment, Mirsini accepts the cop’s dirty proposal and decides getting fucked with him! Although the corrupted cop had indeed sex with Myrsini – in front of his colleague – he is eventually leading her to prison. It is in jail now, that an extreme trio will take place, including the cop and a notorious Greek prostitute. In the last scene, Myrsini’s mother shows up. Determined to take her daughter out of jail, in an act of despair, she is offering her ass to the police officers in charge!

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