Lis Giolito in Wild Country – Playboy Plus

Lis Giolito loves a little thrill. On set with the photographer, Andrew Kuykendall, this busy lady slows things down in this totally sexy pictorial. Dressed in a tank top, jean shorts, and boots, she’s loving the wind in her hair as she rides through the hills. “I love my body,” she tells us confidently. “I’m thrilled that my job allows me to show that every day!” Lis’ lighthearted nature shines through in this pictorial — when it comes down to it, she’s all about enjoying herself, wherever life may take her. “Some of [my] words of advice are to let go of others’ judgments and do whatever it is your heart desires,” she says thoughtfully. “All that matters is that you’re happy with yourself.” Loving this pictorial? Let Lis know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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