Urban Smut Fremde Zone Cover 360x480

Fremde Zone – PinkLabel.TV

20 July 2021

Studio: Urban Smut
Directed by Katy Bit

A young self-confident woman finds herself in an old storehouse at the edge of Berlin. Out of the dark a man with a soft voice appears, pulls a knife at her throat and overwhelms her. A stunning display of power, sex and submission begins and it is not clear who is in charge. Somehow, a third party seems to be part of the play…

Director’s Statement

“How should we deal with our darkest hidden fantasies? Ignore them, fight them, or even go to therapy? With my film FREMDE ZONE I offer another solution: Live through your sexual fantasies – playful and self-confidently. This film is inspired by my own experiences, both in relationships and through visiting the sex parties in Berlin. The location I chose is an abandoned factory in Berlin-Steglitz. The gloomy and brute aesthetics of the place perfectly suited the idea of the film. I knew this film would only really work if the actors really believed in the parts they were played. It took me a long time to find right pair. For the male role I cast Dante Dionys, who is a sex worker in real life and was able to perfectly fill out that part. His female counterpart is played by Dahlia Nyx, she also is a sex worker and effortlessly took on the role of the confident Lea. The tingly dynamic between the two was felt by everybody on the set – and kept the eight film crew awake long after midnight. During post production, I did contrast the erotic role game with the classical tunes of Beethoven and Vivaldi which crucially contributed to mood and tempo of the film. For me, FREMDE ZONE is a game of sexual confusion, played out purposefully with the unease and expectation of the audience.” Katy Bit

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