Truth Or Dare – Truth or Dare

17 March 2021

What’s your most seductive look? Your favorite erogenous zone? Can you nibble on someone’s earlobe till they moan? These questions are not for the faint of heart! But for those willing to embark on the adventure, thrilling encounters lie ahead.

Six strangers sitting in a room together for the first time, getting to know each other. What’s the best way to break the ice? Spin the Bottle? Truth or Dare? Why not both! So they begin playing what’s probably the most awesome mash-up game, which we can definitely highly recommend for your next house party! With some hilarious questions all about each others’ sex lives, they are all quickly at ease, laughing and teasing each other. But hey, the questions also lead to some ridiculous answers! Could you answer them all? Because if not – off with your shirt!

The more the shirts come off, the more the ice gets broken. As the questions get more and more difficult, the temperature in the room has definitely risen. With every round, they all reveal more about themselves… or more about their bodies. Along the way, some hidden talents – and some hidden desires – are also revealed. Soon, tensions have risen to the point that the players can hardly contain themselves – not that they want to. Pecks lead to petting, massages become make-out sessions. The energy in the room becomes so intense, the players are no longer satisfied with simply watching each other have all the fun.

What started as strangers become three men, three women, lying on the floor with each other, discovering one another’s bodies. Each with so much passion for one another. Each eager to taste everyone else in the room. Slowly, as if in a trance, they begin to move as one body until each has found their partner. Or have they?

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