Poppy In Action 2 – Poppy – Intimate Moments with Poppy

2 April 2021

Poppy shows us how an initially uncomfortable feeling can be turned into something positive and sexual, using her very personal looning story. And if you’re wondering what looning is, let Poppy introduce you.

As a child, balloons only made Poppy angry. She was full of prejudice against these colourful squeaky hollow rubber bodies. While balloons brought joy to other children as they walked happily and carefree through the world with their colourful air-filled accessories, Poppy only thought about how to burst these balloons. And while the bursting of these airy dreams made others cry, it made Poppy laugh and feel something nice. As a result, the then small Poppy became ashamed of her desire and in response she suppressed it for many years. Only a prince in Berlin would take this shame away from her, introducing Poppy to the exciting world of looning and showing her the joys of a quality balloon on his inflated zeppelin.

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