Nelly (14) – Nelly Is Your Medicine

23 June 2020

When Nelly wears her long dark hair open and lounges around on her bed you enjoy to watch…
Nell Is Your Medicine

A real “hot” girl from Berlin, although she is originally from Hamburg: Nelly is 25 and studied medical pharmacy. She loves her job – and many, many other things…

“Hot” or “cool”? When it comes to racy Nelly, you are practically free to choose.Because the fact that she turned her hobby of fire dancing into her job is really quite a “hot” thing, isn’t it? Along with two of her friends, she performs at events from time to time. Who wouldn’t like to watch the three “fiery” young ladies light up the performance?

On Sundays she would love to be able to sleep in, for once, if only it were that simple… Because whenever Nelly has to plan her next appointments, the alarm goes off early, even on the weekends. We wonder, though, who gets to wake up next to her?

Interview with Nelly part 1

Interview with Nelly part 2

Nelly: dirty talking

Nelly in action

Nelly plays with fire