Natascha Schoolgirl On The Wild Side – Natascha – Schoolgirl on the Wild Side

9 November 2020

Natascha doesn’t just enjoy eating and drinking, she also enjoys her love and sex life to the fullest. In her apartment in Düsseldorf, the 23-year-old tells us that she has been in an open relationship with her partner for five years. However, this doesn’t mean that the two of them are constantly in bed with others, but rather that they accept their sexual desires for other people, communicate with each other and, when agreed upon, pursue their interests when the opportunity arises. For example, it could be that Natascha makes out with another woman and her partner first watches, then joins in. Or the two of them could enjoy themselves together in the swingers club they discovered a year ago. There Natascha gladly grabs the schoolgirl outfit, super hot!

Interview with Natascha

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