Nadine C. In Action 1 – Nadine C. Nadine’s Favourite Cactus

12 August 2020

Those who love to masturbate secretly in public, the possibility of being watched giving it that special spice, will love sharing their sex life with the Ersties community all the more. Sounds logical, right? Nadine moves so naturally and looks so sexy in front of the camera that we can hardly believe that this is her first shoot. Her own body is her hottest fantasy: our self-love queen watches herself with delight in the mirror while she lets her covers fall off and spoils her pussy. First Nadine gets herself going with her hands, then she grabs her beloved toys. At the end there is no more doubt why the cactus is her favourite toy. There is only one question left for us: Where can we get this dildo?

Nadine C. in Action 1

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