, Lucy's Sexual Fantasy, Lucy’s Sexual Fantasy

5 April 2021

At your service, Your Majesty!
Lucy welcomes us back into her apartment, and this time we get to see a very special display case. In the middle of her desk, where most people might keep their diploma, Lucy shows off her sex toys. We already know from her previous Ersties adventures that, since moving to Berlin, this young Canadian has no reservations when it comes to sex. That’s why she was happy to jump in when we decided to launch our new series, all about turning our Ersties girls’ sexual fantasies into realities! No matter how filthy their wildest dreams are, we make it all possible – while our cameras are rolling.

First, we find a stunning ballgown for Lucy, then we treat her to a royal hair and makeup session and chat with the hot sex slaves that we have cast for her. The four boys are already quite excited, filled with anticipation as they know they will soon be handed over to a ruler whose lust is not easy to satisfy.

Queen Lucy I of Ersties is seated at a canopy, bored and fanning herself. A snap of the fingers is enough to summon her four selected slaves, there exclusively to bring Her Majesty to orgasm, one after the next.

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