Intimate Moments With Maren & Sally & Leana (25) – Intimate Moments with Maren & Sally & Leana

25 June 2020

This Intimate Moment shows the truth about girls travelling together! 3 friends on holidays in Mexico, sharing one bed in the hotel room, equipped with a camera… let your imagination run free but expect licking without an end!
When three American beauties like Maren, Sally and Leana share a hotel room and one bed with each other, we can’t help but have naughty thoughts about it… not for no reason, because it is important to mention that they are equipped with a camera to capture every sexy detail of their stay.

We are sure that today’s Intimate Moment Threesome will be the best thing you see today! A country girl from Colorado, a pussy-loving Southerner and an introvert and sensitive girl from the East having the best time treating each other’s vaginas with kisses and tongues.

The best thing is, you will only get to see what the girls chose to show you – an awesome threesome with amazing perspectives to get to know Maren’s, Sally’s and Leana’s fantasies a bit better!

Introduction- Maren & Sally & Leana

Maren & Sally & Leana in Action 1

Maren & Sally & Leana in Action 2