– Immie

4 March 2021

Immie is 29, and her star sign is Gemini. When she tells us with a wink that her life is actually like rock ‘n’ roll, and that she’s referred to as an “experience collector” when it comes to

Immie Invites You to Cloud Nine

Immie is dreamy, in every sense of the word, and it’s absolutely infectious. Soon, she plans to move from Lisbon to Oslo. And if things don’t go as planned? Then she’ll just keep dreaming…

After all, she’s already toured all through the US – mostly on bike! Back then, she was still traveling with her ex. Looking back, she says it was the most boring time of her life. Well, from a sexual point of view at least. Maybe for her next adventure, she’ll skate through Asia, or maybe take a helicopter across Africa. And why not? Sounds like fun!

Sure, vacations like that cost money. But Immie is convinced that money can’t buy happiness. She prefers living from her memories, bouncing from place to place, meeting new people and having the best time she possibly can. With all that activity, it’s only too understandable that she has plenty of opportunities for adventures in the sheets, too.

One-night-stands, friends with benefits, relationships, everything goes with Immie. Then, suddenly, she thrusts a box of condoms at the camera and asks if we know about Australia’s thickest nub.

Huh? She’ll need to explain that a bit more. Ideally, as graphically as possible. So glad she’s willing to oblige…

Interview with Immie part 1

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Interview with Immie part 2

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Immie in action

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