Interview With Elia & Kounia – An Adventure as big as a Fist with Elia & Kounia

17 March 2021

Ersties girl Elia likes to turn heads around and Frenchy Kounia couldn’t wait to get to know her better after a cute moment on a plane. How romantic! The now lovers like to explore their fetishes and each other, especially in their first shoot!

Ersties favourite Elia is back with her lover Kounia whose curly mane & contagious laugh made us lover her the first second we met. A shoot with these two gorgeous ladies is the opposite of boring! The (sexual) connection and dynamic in bed they share is so obvious, we hope this shoot never ends!

When 24-year-old Kounia from Toulouse explains how Elia caught her eye on a plane to Berlin and how she gave her a note with her number… that’s so romantic! Since then their fucking adventures sound very exciting and we’re happy that they want to show more about it today.

A play of giving and receiving, biting and slapping, pain and pleasure is what you’ll see in this shoot! Orgasms caused by Elia’s fist, a metal dildo and fingers are the icing on the cake!

Streaming Video Interview with Elia & Kounia Interview with Elia & Kounia HD Video Download
Streaming Video Elia & Kounia in Action 1 Elia & Kounia in Action 1 HD Video Download
Streaming Video Elia & Kounia in Action 2 Elia & Kounia in Action 2 HD Video Download