Abigail W. Intimate Moments A Fairy In The Magic Land Of Countless Orgasms – Abigail W. – Intimate Moments: A Fairy in the Magic Land of Countless Orgasms

9 March 2021

Abigail makes herself comfortable in front of her bookshelf to introduce herself to the Ersties community. The redhead loves to read and is really smart. She is currently working on her PhD in law and teaches at university – what’s hotter than intelligent women? As well as this, Abigail is wholeheartedly involved in supporting sex workers and contributes to making the world a better place. A real dream girl! Giving is her favourite in bed, since the beauty is completely absorbed in the role of the sub. She loves to spoil her partners with every trick in the book and to fulfil all their wishes.

But today it’s all about Abigail and the art of body painting. Flowers climb around her sexy curves and decorate her beautiful breasts. Just like a little fairy, she takes us on a trip to the magic land of countless orgasms. In the leading roles: a butt plug, a rainbow dildo and a lot of self-love.

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