Dita Vetone Crab Slappers 2 – Zishy

    If you don’t think you can do something, then you can’t. I always held onto the belief that I would work again with Dita Vetone. We went to Indian Rocks beach near Tampa. There was no parking and we were in a crunch for time, the sun was quickly setting. We parked in some poor bastard’s private parking spot and hoped for the best. We caught the sun, we rolled in the bleached sand, we got the shots. Dita has this half-bitchy, half-playful attitude that is lovely, half the time. With peaks this high, there are bound to be some valleys. Once we returned to the red bug, there was an angry note on the window from a deeply offended resident. Sorry, baby. I’m in show business and this show must go on.

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