Sparkerotic Breakfast In Bed Boxart

Breakfast In Bed – PinkLabel.TV

20 July 2021

Studio: Spark Erotic
Starring: James, Taara Rose

Meet Taara Rose and James. What began as a contentious office relationship has developed into a passionate convergence.

Having woken up earlier, James has spent several minutes simply admiring the sleeping form of his affection, feeling deeply the joy of feeling so blessed as to have her love in return. He cannot help himself, he begins to gently kiss her, taking in her subtle scent. His hands begin to softly wander feeling the heat of her velvet skin tucked under the covers. His gentle explorations begin to rouse Taara and she begs for a few more moments of slumber, but the sensual moan in her voice only adds to James’ desire to shower her with his devotion.

He moves to the foot of the bed and carefully lifts the covers and crawls under to begin his worship of her. His carefully placed soft caresses, kisses, and nibbles awaken Taara’s senses and she begins to respond moaning, moving, and eventually bursting into laughter as James’ face smiles up at her from between her legs. They share a moment of eye contact that says it all and Taara succumbs to the pleasure he is cheerfully providing.

Taara pulls the covers off of James to give him full access to her now fully awake body. As he begins to taste her excitement, she cannot contain herself and begins to vocalize her enjoyment. Her body begins to twist and arc and the tension within her builds. Trying to delay her orgasm she begins to push away from his skilled caresses, climbing back up onto the headboard. Insistently James grasps her hips, eliciting a shuddering gasp from Taara as his tongue buries deeper into her quivering pussy. She surrenders again, draping her leg over his shoulder so she can relax into the sensations James’ fingers, lips, tongue and gently grasping teeth exquisitely indulge.

Lifting her, James transfers her back onto the bed, intent on bringing her to the fullness of her pleasure. Taara senses the shift and meets it. She lets go, completely losing herself into the spiral of hot desire she feels pooling between her legs onto his tongue. She begins to tense as her orgasm builds. With a final low moan she begins to cum, her contractions pulsing over James’ fingers and probing tongue.

As she begins to attempt to gain her composure James pulls himself up to kiss her deeply and gather her into his arms. They begin to giggle as the flood of loving energy puddles around them. Taara laughingly begins to turn to the reality of the morning asking James what he would like to do about breakfast, to which he sincerely replies “I’ve already eaten,” causing them both to dissolve into a pile of laughter…

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