Urban Smut Blue Hour Cover 360x480

Blue Hour – PinkLabel.TV

23 July 2021

Studio: Urban Smut
Directed by Finn Peaks
Starring: Cochon de Cauchemar, Finn Peaks

A rooftop at dusk. Two curious individuals. In this dream-like episode, we follow a boy as he chases and climbs after a flirty alien, who loves to hide, linger and play around. Once the two approach, hot kissing and sex ensues – from a ladder blowjob to finger fucking on a tube. An atypical cruising encounter high above Berlin’s streets.

Director’s Statement

“My friends and I discovered an industrial rooftop full of tubes, pathways and chimneys by chance. We immediately fell in love with the place and decided to shoot porn there – me in front of the camera, my friends behind. During the shoot, we had to move fast because of the setting sun and cold temperature. Nothing was scripted, everything evolved spontaneously – we wanted to give the movie a dream-like, dazy feeling and also show explicit sex between queer performers.” ~ Finn Peaks

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